Wine Pairing

Everyone at our Oxfordshire hotel simply adores Christmas. It's a time for celebrating, eating, and for those in the know, drinking fine libations. In our latest blog, Octavian shares his recommendations for how to best pair drinks with dishes this festive season. You'll never cork the wrong vino again...

It goes without saying that wine is a matter of preference, and everyone choses their favourite according to their individual palate. Personally, I prefer heavier wines compared to medium-light wines, but this is just me. It can be very difficult to navigate beverage selection during the festive season, especially when retailers are offering competitive offers that might not suit your table. Allow me to share my advice below.


The definition of an Aperitif, is that of an alcoholic drink enjoyed before a meal. The reason for this? To stimulate the appetite. Choosing the wrong drink at this point could ruin your meal, and with celebrations and merriment in full swing during the festive season, I would recommend a really dry prosecco. You may already have bottles to hand - there's nothing better than the crisp taste of a good quality prosecco. Here at The Feathers, we serve name.


The majority of families will be serving a delicious roast turkey as part of their Christmas Day Lunch. If you are going for this traditional option, then I would suggest decanting a Pinot Noir or Beaujolais for such turkey dishes.

The reasoning behind this is that these wines have less tannin (tannin naturally occurs in plants, seeds, bark, wood, leaves, and fruit skins. As a characteristic of wine, tannin adds bitterness, astringency and complexity.) By opting for a wine that has less tannin present, you are better able to complement your food.

A Pinot Noir will go beautifully with cranberry sauce, and if you are serving a rich venison jus, choose Beaujolais. Not a fan of red wine? Not to worry. Go with a Chardonnay – the rich oak spice will work nicely with such tender meat. We serve name, name and name respectively. Pinot, Beau and Chardonnay bottle names.

Post-Meal Digestif

Once you have enjoyed your meal and are conversing with fine company, nothing symbolises the closing of a wonderful time more so than a large glass of Sloe Gin. Serve slightly chilled or with some ice cubes in the glass – you'll truly feel festive if you sip as you warm yourself next to a fireplace, surrounded by family and friends.

Octavian has been working at The Feathers for 3 years and has always had a passion for wine and spirits. When he was younger, he used to take care of the family vineyard with his father and brother and from there, his passion only grew.

"As a kid I would accompany my father in the cellar and I was fascinated by the big barrels of wine and how he was producing the must. Later I tried wine for the first time and I was amazed by the different tastes and flavours. Nowadays I take care of all that has to do with service, bar and restaurant."

It's safe to say that his recommendations are well informed, as they certainly help us stand out as one of the most knowledgeable bars and hotels in Oxfordshire.

If you fancy a different tipple over Christmas, then why not join us for our ultimate G&T? Cotswolds gin is teamed with grapefruit peel and 1724 tonic for a truly refreshing drink. To find out more about our drink offering, click here, or should you wish to join us over the festive season for a special treat, view our brochure.

There's no party like a Feathers party. Celebrate in fine company at our Oxfordshire hotel this Christmas – contact us today for more information.