Wedding Trends To Expect This Spring

Synonymous with re-birth, the arrival of change and ‘waking up’ out of winter’s hibernation - spring presents a distinctly beautiful season for you and yours to tie the knot. Home to our wedding venue and hotel, Oxfordshire continues to inspire us so we’re sharing with you that same inspiration that has led us to citing the trends of this coming season.


It makes sense that your spring wedding should emulate the remarkable beauty of this season. Carefully arranged bouquets are to be expected at most weddings but we suggest florals with a twist – it is spring afterall! Hanging chandeliers filled with fresh flowers, centrepieces incorporating flowers, leaves or ivy-inspired climbing vines can all make their way up your venue walls. There’s plenty of ways to make the expected, unexpected; give your ceremony an edge.

Classical Clothing

When we ask our guests for a word that best describes our Woodstock accommodation, a term that frequently springs to mind is ‘chic’ - and as well as being flattered, we have to agree! Whether you’re staying with us or tying the knot chic is a theme you’re bound to see. What lends well to chic? Classic, clean clothing. Stripping it back to traditional basics such as dark three-piece suits for the Groomsman and white or cream coloured silken gowns for the Bride is an age-old trend for spring weddings and with a never ending selection of suits, dresses and co-ordinates to choose from these days, you have plenty of choice and can update classic styles with a twist – however you like!

Seasonal Foods

As the weather brightens up we have the pleasure of tucking into different types of crop - think artichokes, spring greens and radishes. There’s nothing better than fresh food cooked with a creative spin, plus seasonal foods are a fantastic way to ensure a greener wedding. At Feathers we value seasonal, locally sourced ingredients when it comes to putting together our menus - so you can rest easy knowing when you book your ceremony with us you will have ticked this trend off the list.

Chances are if you are in the process of getting your wedding plans together you may be feeling overwhelmed with a never ending list of detailed decisions to make. Lucky for you, Feathers can help - with years of know-how behind us you can call on our expert advice to listen, understand and action your bespoke requirements! After all, every connection is different so why wouldn’t your ceremony be? Just refer to our new Wedding Brochure as a guide to see what we can do for you.

If you’re looking for the perfect venue to carry out your vision, then look no further than our hotel, Oxfordshire never fails to impress. Click here to see our brochure or contact us to find out more.