Supplier Spotlight: Vicar's Game

Our Supplier Spotlight series has been designed to introduce you to our favourite suppliers of fine produce. Only the best will do for our restaurant; Oxfordshire has a pantry like no other and when the occasion calls for it, we even source produce from neighbouring counties. Keep reading to find out more.

Along with Head Chef Ben Bullen’s appointment to our kitchen, there too came a change in how we sourced our produce. We had always gone for the best, but upon Ben’s recommendation we welcomed a new supplier into our fold. And aren’t we glad we did so!

“The reason I love to use Vicars Game is simple really; the cuts are fantastic quality at good prices and the level of bespoke customer service is excellent. I used them previously at Sudbury in my last kitchen so I decided to bring along this supplier to enhance the dishes at The Feathers. There are plenty of restaurants in Oxfordshire vying for your attention and your reservation – here at The Feathers I like to let the quality of my dishes and the strengths of the ingredients speak for themselves.”

The Supplier

So, a little about this supplier. Vicar’s Game is based in Newbury in the royal county of Berkshire – less than an hour away from our beloved Oxfordshire. Originally established in Reading in 1886, three generations of the family have been sourcing and supplying meat and game so we’re confident in their product. That’s more than 100 years of their cuts being used in farm shops, butchers and of course, restaurants. 

The Dishes

From pigs and cows to chicken and game – we know quality ingredients when we get our hands on them. For our Pork Belly with Poached Apricot, Apricot Puree and Sage Mash Potato, we use Royal Windsor pork. Yes, you read that right – our pork courtesy of Vicars is bred by royal farms and are a cross breed of Landrace and Large White, served by a Duroc cross Pietrain boar. Ben thinks it is important to know exactly where your meat comes from, and we concur. Once the cuts have been chosen and delivered by Vicars, we then cure the meat for 24 hours and voila – Chef works his magic in the kitchen and our guests can enjoy.

Another dish of ours is the much-loved Steak, Rocket and Parmesan Salad with Chips. Sourced from a pedigree Sussex herd, they graze in parkland grass in the Windsor Great Park. That environment makes for a delicious sirloin, we can tell you.

“We at Vicar’s Game Ltd based in Royal Berkshire have been trading for over 20 years. The two directors, brothers Alan and Owen have been butchers for over 55 years. We like to source, where possible, locally sourced produce. We have beef and pork arrive once a week from the Royal Farms Windsor, we use this for cuts of pork and also for our bacon which we cure on site. As well as this we specialise in game from local estates. We hand tie all our sausages and make over 30 different varieties a day. We pride ourselves in delivering personal unique service to all our customers.” - Vicar’s Game Ltd.

Keep an eye out for future blogs showcasing even more of our suppliers.

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