Sharing Our Summer Bar Inspiration

We are known for our quirkiness, that goes without saying. So, when we saw a much-loved but slightly neglected spot in our garden inspiration struck… In our latest blog we will share a little more information about the ideas behind our Summer Bar - we challenge you to name any other Woodstock hotels that would create a seasonally themed bar in their garden just for fun!

General Manager Dom said, “That corner of the garden was not being used and given the success of the Winter Bar, we thought it made sense to create something similar for the warmer seasons! We encourage guests to eat and drink where they feel comfortable; from cocktails in the sun to a morning cup of tea, all food and drink from the restaurant and bar can be brought through from breakfast to à la carte.”

 You’re probably wondering what the Summer Bar looks like – well aside from piquing your interest with a couple of descriptions and sharing a few pictures nothing compares to actually taking some time out there for yourself.

Picture this. You’re in the heart of Woodstock, a stone’s throw from Blenheim Palace. What’s the last thing you would expect to find? An outdoor bar exuding French Chateau-vibes. With a clean wooden bar for ordering, standing and conversing, there are even tables made of wine barrels should you want to sit, snack and chat. We wanted to bring a bit of Parisian flair to Oxfordshire so with a true Feathers’ touch of fairy lights on the ceiling and a heavenly post-evening cocktail list we think we have done just that. Our Summer Bar is very instagrammable.

At first you may find it cosy and a little bit Alpen – the space has retained elements of its days as our Winter Bar including its heat lamps so when the evenings are colder (in true British fashion) it’s the perfect spot. That said, the space is still airy and made for enjoying the summer air when we are graced with it.

We can accommodate 70 people in the courtyard - even we host a band to play on Fridays. Throughout summer the outdoor bar will be open until 10pm every day and we will be offering a bottle of fizz for £15 every Friday 3 – 5pm. If you are planning a private event, give us a call and you could host it in our outdoor bar – few other hotels in Oxfordshire offer such an impressive space.

When it comes to Woodstock hotels, the Feathers has no competition. Visit our outdoor bar this summer and you may feel like you’ve had a jaunt abroad – weather permitting of course!