Is Blenheim Palace Haunted?

With Halloween fast approaching, we thought we would delve deeper into the history and mystery of our neighbour, Blenheim Palace. You'll struggle to find any Woodstock hotels in closer proximity than The Feathers, so allow us to explore the paranormal with you...

The Palace's History

Renowned as the principal residence of the Dukes of Marlborough, the estate is the only non-royal, non-episcopal country house in England to hold the title of palace. Blenheim is also known for being the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1897. The palace was built between 1705 and 1722 and replaced the historically significant Woodstock Manor. Climb up the bluff across the lake from the Palace - you will find a small stone monument that marks the spot of a long-lost great country residence; the royal manor house of Woodstock. A royal vacation home for six centuries, Sarah, the Duchess of Marlborough ordered the manor buildings to be completely torn down as she wanted to make Blenheim a tribute to her husband.

Woodstock Manor

The tale of Woodstock Manor goes like this; Eleanor of Aquitaine wanted to surprise her husband, Henry II. She headed to his country Woodstock Manor, unaware that he was entertaining his mistress Rosamond de Clifford. She found a fatal clue to his adultery, and as a result poisoned his lover. With such strife and mishap, is it any wonder that many believe the grounds to be haunted? Many years later, Princess Elizabeth would be jailed in the manor in 1554 by her sister, Queen Mary I and if paranormal experts are to be believed, negative energy and feelings are residual. We can only imagine the upset that came with the Princess… Would you dare wander the grounds and risk seeing misty figures of scorned sisters and murdered lovers?

Ghosts and Sightings

It is fair to say that while the magnificent architecture of the palace is apparent to those who visit today, many souls and traces of history past could still linger, albeit beyond the naked eye. The manor and other buildings make be gone, but what remains? That's up to you to decide.

When it comes to ghosts that reside in the Palace, sightings are not overly frequent, but many have been recorded. The Dean Jones room is said to have been haunted by apparitions of the first Duke of Marlborough – though this spirit hasn't been seen since the birth of Winston Churchill in that same room.

Roundhead soldiers are said to roam all over the Palace, but the most common sight of them is by the fireplace, as though they are discussing plans. Poltergeist activity also makes up part of the paranormal qualities of the property; it is said that Royal Commissioners who once visited the property were forced to flee by an unseen force...

A Spooky Stay

So, what do you think - is Blenheim Palace haunted? With such history and many buildings having stood on the grounds, it would make sense. Why not take a trip to Woodstock and see for yourself...

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