Discover A Paw-fect Escape At One Of The Most Dog Friendly Hotels In Oxfordshire

You may already know that we love dogs, but we wanted to share a first-hand experience – it doesn’t get better than from a four-legged perspective! Here, Dodger shares what he thought of his recent dog-friendly stay at The Feathers, arguably one of the most dog friendly hotels in Oxfordshire.

Woof and wags, my name is Dodger the dog and I have just treated my humans to the Paw-fect Escape here at The Feathers in Woodstock. As an experienced dog travel expert – I have awarded it top paws!

We had such a great time that I wanted to shout about it from the woof-tops!

What We Took With Us

Once the car was ready I made sure that I took all my favourite toys and balls and my humans did the same with their bags. We set off from home with great anticipation.

We arrived at the hotel and before we even got through the door I took a detour to show them the garden. Lots of smells and smiling faces met me! It wasn’t long before my humans took me into reception, and they were offered a drink from the bar while I enjoyed my complimentary water and collected my pet treats from the front desk. It was good to know that we wouldn’t run out of tasty things for me! The human on reception was very friendly and made me feel very welcome. She gave me my own bowl and a towel to borrow and she advised us of great local walks and places to see. She even said that receptionists were able to dog-sit well behaved canines at reception if my owners want to dine in the restaurant or venture out into Woodstock for a little while – all we have to do is give them some notice! My humans had a chat with her for a little while I waited patiently wagging at everyone who went by. We were a bit early, so until our room was ready, we decided that we would set off and explore Woodstock.


It was great to get out and explore the local shops which were very interesting and had a lot of smells that I needed to investigate. Everything was very clean and I even met a few new friends along the way and had a furry good time! My humans even popped into a few shops and everyone seemed to like seeing me. 

When we returned to the hotel my bed was ready in our room and the humans were also well catered for. I heard them say how comfortable the big bed was and they seemed very impressed with the bathroom and the space we had. I got to explore the room but I made sure not to jump on any of the furniture – that wouldn’t have been very polite of me. I had a little snooze before dinner and used my complimentary towel to ensure I looked my best; it made my fur look full and cuddly. If I encounter any mud on another walk it would be good to use. I had my dinner in my bowl and it was very tasty but I was hoping to try a bit of the humans’ plates later on…  

My humans enjoyed dinner in the Bar and I ensured we were well behaved. I got to lie at their feet and it was all very relaxing. I didn’t get any leftovers from their plates because there wasn’t any! They ordered something called ‘gin’ and seemed very happy. Soon it was time for bed so after a brisk walk around the town and a chance to do my business, we headed back to the room and we slept very well.

The Next Morning

The next morning we all got up and made sure we were ready. I made sure to stretch and have a sniff. My owners decided to have breakfast in their room and finally, I got to have a sausage! A real highlight of the trip was a visit to Blenheim Palace; we had a furry good walk and lots of fun in the extensive grounds. I did a lot of running about, chasing my ball and I made sure my humans got their daily exercise. We enjoyed the fresh air and snacks along the way. There was so much to see and so many friends to greet that it took all day to explore. I was extremely tired and needed a rest when we got back to the hotel!

I think my humans felt the same and we decided to have a late dinner and just relax in our room. The smells from room service were amazing!

Heading Home

It was sad to pack up my toys the next day and depart. Everyone at reception made sure to give me a fuss and a goodbye treat and I would love to go back again. It was time to go in the car for the drive home but thankfully there are such a lot of dog friendly pubs on the way that I was able to pawnder the adventures of the last few days whilst my humans enjoyed a good lunch!

I would definitely return as there are so many other areas to explore and just dreaming of my next dog holiday in the Cotswolds!

Now some info for your humans; there are no charges for dogs on all packages. The Feathers only charge £10 (one-off fee not per night) if your four-legged friend requires a dog bowl, bed and towel. I was allowed everywhere apart from the main dining room and with a massive 16 out of 21 rooms suitable for dogs, there is plenty of choice for your stay.

Want to bring your four-legged friend along for your getaway? There is only one choice when it comes to dog friendly hotels in Oxfordshire. Book your Paw-fect Escape at The Feathers here.