Dig Out Your Feather Duster

The joys of spring… when daffodils bloom, lambs frolic, trees regrow their leafy jackets – and everybody schedules a mammoth housework marathon. But here at our Oxfordshire accommodation, we believe it is time to spring clean everything but your home! Spring has sprung and we have more than a few ideas for how you can enjoy a fresh start this spring without the clean.

The tradition of spring cleaning comes from when most houses were heated by fireplaces, efforts were made to make sure heat didn’t escape the house - meaning windows would not be opened to let fresh air in. When the nights started getting longer and warmer it was a chance to let the fresh air in and clean up all the residual soot from the fireplace.

Here are our tips for giving your routine a spring clean this season (and the great news is, there won’t be any marigolds or cleaning solution in sight!)

Try Something New

There has never been a better time to try something new – and here at the Feathers, we have just the ticket. With over 400 gins in our bar and a new menu in the works from our fabulous new head chef Ben - leading the charge in our Oxfordshire restaurant, you won’t have to leave the hotel to tick this task off your spring clean list. Did you know we also host regular events such as Wine tasting evenings and live music Fridays?

Sort Out Your Schedule

With spring having sprung, we fully recommend clearing your schedule. We don’t mean stopping chores, work or things you like to do – we mean taking a moment to think about where you spend your time and energy most. Schedule in time for yourself and things that make you truly happy.

Break Away From Routine

Once you have taken a long hard look at your schedule, the obvious next step with spring is to change up your routine. It could be as simple as trying your favourite drink with a new mixer, eating at a new time or shaking up your weekend plans. Making some key routine changes could offer some variety you didn’t even know you were lacking - If you weren’t able to stick to those New Year’s resolutions you made now might be the best time to give them another go!

Have A Holiday

This is the final and most important Spring Clean Step. Sort out your holiday routine. If you don’t take enough holiday time, take more! This could mean ditching the passport – it is easy to go to the same places but why not try something new and closer to home? Head to somewhere you have always wanted but never found the time. That leads perfectly into our final instruction; dust off your suitcase for a trip and join us at the Feathers.

We’re of course slightly biased but we know our Oxfordshire accommodation has everything you could need for the perfect shake-up. We’re located right by Blenheim Palace and there are plenty of things to do there in 2019.

So why not join us for great food and accommodation. Oxfordshire is the place to be this spring. Call to book or visit or latest offers.